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Increase Intimacy Flow

Heyyyy Friends!!!! So this morning while scrolling through twitter, we came across a tweet from a woman who was surprised that her man is one who loves to give pleasure- she exclaimed “Some men really do eat for THEIR pleasure”.

So that made us think- if there are men who love it, are there ways for women who don’t to be more open to it? So of course we went searching and found a GREAT article on this topic. We are all about nails, and that means we focus on women’s health too. The secret to healthier nails is a happier you!

What we found most interesting is that besides just not liking the feeling, for the most part those of us who don’t like oral stimuli is mostly due to us feeling self-conscious. That’s right. We are confident and controlled in other aspects of our lives. We are thinkers and problem solvers. But as soon as our most intimate part, our flower, is exposed and at the mercy of our lover, our brains start going into overdrive worrying about how we look, the way we feel to our partner, or if we are enough.

To get through this and unleash your intimate flow, the article gives us various breathing techniques and tools to get us out of our head and into our essence. We hope you find it helpful and are able to experience the full spectrum of your body’s pleasure.

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