Milan Nail Wraps Deluxe Mani Packs contain your choice of four packs of Milan Nail Wraps, Top Coats, or Chic Trends. Mani Packs also include the MNW Orchid Infused Cuticle Oil, compact nail file/cuticle pusher pack, and your choice of a pair of MNW Arm Warmers. Milan Nail Wraps are a great alternative to nail polish and are only a fraction of the cost of salon manicures. 10 minute manicures with NO DRY TIME! Each pack contains sixteen wraps that you can use for a complete manicure. Pair Milan Nail Wraps in solid colors with Top Coats for added style!


Get your beautiful polished look for a fraction of the cost of salon manicures in a fraction of the time.


Limited time doesn’t have to limit your style.


-Easy to apply: Just stick, smooth, and file

-Up to 5 day wear

-Easy to remove: Just soak in warm water for a few minutes and then peel

-Cruelty Free

Milan Nail Wraps Mani Pack: Deluxe