Bundles are a great option if you would like to incorporate Milan Nail Wraps in your own buisness. Whether you are a party planner and would like unique party favor options that your clients will love or you have a cosmetic line and would like to also provide nail styles to your customers, Bulk Bundles will allow you to increase your clients' satisfaction by providing them with something they will love.


Milan Nail Wraps are a must have. These chic prints are a great alternative to nail polish and are only a fraction of the cost of salon manicures. 10 minute manicures with NO DRY TIME!


Pair with any of the Milan Nail Wraps- Top Coats for enhanced style and to step your look up a notch. Each pack is good for one one full manicure, plus a few extra. Get your choice of a single style in bundles of 10, 20, or 30 packs and SAVE up to 30%


Limited time does not have to limit your style.


-Easy to apply: Just stick, smooth, and file

-Up to 5 day wear

-Easy to remove: Just soak in warm water for a few minutes and then peel

-Cruelty Free

Bulk Bundles